The first mention of the company was in the year 1885 when in the village of Snytkino, the Troitsk volost of the Shchigrovsky district the Shchigrovsky cast-iron, foundry and mechanical plant was created. The plant was engaged in release and repair of agricultural machinery. In 1892, due to connection with the forthcoming construction of the railroad Kursk-Voronezh, the plant is moved to the Shchigra city. From now on the plant starts more difficult production: oilpress, drives for vehicles. In 1896 the first brick buildings for mechanical workshop and wooden for foundry and forge shops are built.

The XX industrial century demanded reorientation of the enterprise activity.

Working people
«Working people», 1885


Kursk magnetic anomaly, first drilling rigs

The plant history in the XX-th century is closely connected with exploration of Kursk magnetic anomaly fields. In the early twenties large-scale surveying works are carried out, for which reliable drilling equipment is required. In 1927 in shops of the Shchigrovsky mechanical plant the first KMA-300 drilling rigs are manufactured. In 1935 release of machines for shock drilling of the UA-75 type, and also pump winches begins.

Карта КМА
KMA Map 
Схема УА-75
UA-75 Design 


Formation of the factory

After the Great Patriotic War a new period in the history of the factory begins. The plant quickly increases the rates of production. In 1953 full reconstruction of plant is carried out, advanced technologies in machining, forge and foundry production take root. In 1963 the output exceeded pre-war level by 39 times.

Разливка стали.jpg


Design Bureau of the Ministry of Geology

In 1957 according to the decision of the Government on the basis of Shchigrovsky plant the branch No. 3 of Central design bureau of the USSR Ministry of geology is created. As a consequence it is renamed into the Special Design Office (SDO). Research and design work becomes the main direction of the special design bureau activity. By 1975, production of 18 types of drilling equipment and a large number of special drilling tools are designed and mastered.

конструкторский отдел.jpg
Construction bureau
угб 50 м.jpg


Towards the technical progress

An important stage of development of the enterprise is the creation in 1976 of the production association "Geomash." The Shchigrovsky plant of the prospecting equipment and special design office with pilot production are a part of the association. The main objective standing before "Geomash" - modernization of products. There are high-quality shifts in increase of the technological level of production.

In 1981 the UGB-50M drilling rig is replaced with the high-performance UGB-1VS drilling rig.

UGB-1VS will become the most popular drilling rig for engineering researches, seismic exploration and geological exploration. "Geomash" continues to develop and produce difficult boring technique, and some samples are transferred to other enterprises for development in mass production.

угб 1вс.jpg


The company celebrated the 100th anniversary.


In 1992 the enterprise is incorporated and renamed into OJSC Geomash. Among the plants most known products are PBU-2, USh-2T4, AZA-3, LBU-50, and also the boring tools.


In 2007 the production site in the city Vladimir – OJSC Geomash-Vladimir is organized.


In 2011 "Lutz Kurth" - the German producer specializing on production of small-sized boring equipment and boring carriages is a part of the Geomash company. "Lutz Kurth" motto: to make machines small on dimensions and highly productive in work.


Geomash today

Today in the company has more than 1000 employees, production sites are located in the cities of Shchigra (Kursk region), Vladimir, Nordkhauzen (Germany). Quality of production is improved, new production technologies take root and the production equipment is modernized.

The quality management system of OJSC Geomash conforms to the ISO 9001:2015 standard concerning design and production of mobile drilling rigs, spare parts and the boring tool.

6 key processes of SMK which are estimated from the point of view of productivity when releasing drilling equipment are defined:

  • design and development of new and improved products;
  • procedure for development processes;
  • analysis, evaluation and selection of suppliers;
  • planning of operational management and ensuring production output;
  • procedures for monitoring and testing of products in the production process.

For more than 130 years of the company history a lot of things changed, invariable was only one – our aspiration to create drilling equipment capable to provide effective drilling for our partners.

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