Special core implement (SKS)

Implement SKS is intended for sampling of disturbed structure ground according to GOST 12071-2000 during geotechnical investigation for construction in the rotary way without washing or airflushing with use of hard-alloy crowns with following mechanized extraction of soil samples from a core barrel. The SKS can be used for drilling of explanatory wells during exploration activities. Diameters of producing SKS: 108, 127, 146 mm. Length of SKS implement: 1000 mm and 2000 mm. The SKS provides the fastest transition from receiving to extraction of soil test that allows to reduce operation time in comparison with the existing ways of core receiving. A simple design provides reliability and efficiency of the implement. The SKS is applied on machines with a floating spindle: - carriage stroke of the floating spindle, not less than 3000 mm. - implement is equipped with a work table and a saddle clip for core and casing pipes or a pipe support for work with pipes of diameters up to 108, 127, 146 mm. The SKS can be used on drilling rigs equipped with the mechanism of longitudinal motion of the mast ("dumping"): the mast stroke - not less than 1000 mm, the floating spindle stroke– not less than 2000 mm. *- at the request of the customer the implement can be produced without special bar-piston with hexagonal section.
Name Outside diameter, mm Inside diameter, mm Length, mm Thread
Special core implement SKS- 108 108 98 1000 103x4 Order
Special core implement SKS- 127 127 117 1000 122x4 Order
Special core implement SKS- 146 146 136 1000 141x4 Order

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