GTM-6.0 caterpillar transport vehicles

GTM-6.0 is a vehicle with payload class of up to 6 tons.
Driving by YMZ-238H / 238BL-1 (power 300 hp / 310 hp) diesel engine. Power for additional equipment withdraws from the engine though a power take off gear case.
Produced in cargo-passenger versions or used for technological equipment installation of different purposes.

Spheres of usage:
Equipment installation
- could be used like a chassis for drilling, welding, generator, fuel filling stations, mobile crane-manipulators, laboratories, workshops etc. equipment up to 6 tons installation because of matched payload and special designed power take off gear case.
Oil and gas industry
- peoples, maintenance and repair crews transportation to a work place
- transportation of goods for various purposes
- rescue operations (emergency vehicles)
Fire fighting/ rescue operations
- water, peoples and equipment delivering to ta burning area
- fire protection works
Power industry
- maintenance of power transmission and distribution lines (patrolling, repair, etc.)
- peoples, maintenance and repair crews transportation to a work place
- transportation of goods for various purposes
- rescue operations (emergency vehicles)
- peoples and cargoes delivering through marshy ground (bogs, snow covered virgin land, etc.) in various climatic conditions, Extreme North incl.
- winter road “trampling”

For the GTM-6.0 production is used previously military conversion track trailer MT-LBu (7 rollers). It undergoes by:
- Complete machine dismantling with body’s leaks checking, boards build up or new cab manufacturing, overhaul if necessary
- New cabin with side doors manufacturing
- Machine’s components and engine repairing (track belts, rollers, stabilizers, torsion, driving chain gears)
- Transmission machine components repairing (main gear, gears reduction box, clutch). Provides with complete disassembling and inner bearing, rubber, seal details replacement with aftermath checking on special measurement stand. - Engine repair (complete disassembling and overhauling with aftermath all systems checking on special measurement stand)
- Electrical wires/equipment and control devices repairing with subsequent replacement or overhaul
- High-strength steel body, specially designed power take off for 200 hp, 310 hp engine power allows to install various technological equipment and transported cargoes up to 6 tons.
- Big cabin with side doors is suitable for 5 people comfortable transportation with up to 11 peoples inside cargo-passenger part of vehicle. Powerful cab heating and starting heater allows to use a machine in different climatic conditions as well as in Extreme North area.
- Wide 560 mm. size track and 400 mm. ground clearance allows to move confidently in areas with marshy ground and high winter snow covering (bogs, snow virgin soil etc.)
- Reliable transmission and running machine components, available spare parts.
- Large area of cab glazing provides clear vision at the movement on cross-country terrain.
- Tow hitch allows to haul a trailer with load capacity of up to 6.5 tons.
- High maneuverability.

Operational weight (excl. cargo&crew; incl. spare parts kit, full fueling and equipped), kg


Payload (excl. towing trailer), kg


Trailer payload, kg


Specific soil unit pressure loaded, kg/ – up to


Specific soil unit pressure unloaded, kg/ – up to


Number of seats


-with driver


- inside the cabin


Overall dimensions, mm






- height


Gauge, mm


Base, mm


Ground clearance, mm


Max. speed, km/h


Max. heeling angle, degree


Max. climbing angle, degree



YMZ-238H or YMZ-238BL-1

Average fuel consumption per 100 km, l


Power, hp

300 / 310

Fuel reserve, km


Width of caterpillar belt, mm

560 (wide)

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