Slip-type pneumatic clamp PKR-560M-OR

Drilling rig MBU-320-01
UGB on chasiss KAMAZ
Compact self-propelled drilling rig BBU 001
UGB on chasiss URAL
BMG "Scarabey" – portable decision for drilling of seismoprospecting wells.
UGB on chasiss GAZ-33081 "Sadko"
Drilling rig LBU-50-30
UGB on GTM-6.0
UGB on chasiss GAZ-34039
Compact drill rig BBU 000
PBU-2 on chassis KAMAZ
Буровая установка УГБ-543-203
PBU-2 on chassis URAL
PBU-2 on chassis ZIL
PBU-2 on chassis MAZ
PBU-2 on chassis MTLBu
MBU-601-000 on the vehicle trailer MZSA
Отзыв по ПБУ-2-319
Мобильная буровая установка МБУ-320
PBU-2 on chassis Renault
  • Full cycle of PKR production
  • Modern manufacturing techniques
  • Several steps of control during manufacturing

PKR is used for:

- mechanized clamp in a rotor of the pump and compressor, boring pipes and drill collars;
- mechanized or facilitated manual drive draw-off;
- acceleration of assembly and dismantling works on drilling rigs of class BU 2000, BU 2500, BU 3000, BU 4000, BU 5000, BU 6500 in the conditions of frigid and temperate climate in accordance with GOST 16350-80;
- rotation from a rotor to the drill string at the removed slips in the course of drilling of oil and gas wells.

The Geomash company has made preparation of a full cycle of production of slip-type pneumatic clamp (PKR) with use of the most modern manufacturing techniques providing quality, reliability and long service life both each part, and PKR as a whole.

Billets for PKR are made by method of hot forming that provides additional hardening of material and respectively increases operating life of products. Production of slips is realized by method of molding of LGM with the subsequent mechanical and heat treatment. Сritical parts pass several steps of control, including by means of ultrasonic reflectoscopes.

Stock number
Rotor type in accordance with GOST 4938 in which clamp is set up
R-560 or R-700 with a space sleeve
Axial load, max., kN (tf)
3200 (320)
Nominal diameters of the taken pipes, mm
73; 89; 102; 114; 127; 140; 146; 168; 178
Torque, max., kN*m (kgf*m)
12 (1200)
Slip stroke, mm
Hoisting and lowering of slips
by means of the pneumatic cylinder
Diameter of the cylinder, mm
Stroke of the cylinder, mm
Work pressure of compressed air, MPa
0,7 - 0,95
remote, with pedal cock, located on the driller's panel
Draw-off of driving part from slip-clamp units
Overall dimensions (length/width/height), mm:
Mass, kg:

- clamp assembled
- complete outfit

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