LSG-10-30 (LSG-10-30M)

Drilling rig MBU-320-01
UGB on chasiss KAMAZ
Compact self-propelled drilling rig BBU 001
UGB on chasiss URAL
BMG "Scarabey" – portable decision for drilling of seismoprospecting wells.
UGB on chasiss GAZ-33081 "Sadko"
Drilling rig LBU-50-30
UGB on GTM-6.0
UGB on chasiss GAZ-34039
Compact drill rig BBU 000
PBU-2 on chassis KAMAZ
Буровая установка УГБ-543-203
PBU-2 on chassis URAL
PBU-2 on chassis ZIL
PBU-2 on chassis MAZ
PBU-2 on chassis MTLBu
MBU-601-000 on the vehicle trailer MZSA
Отзыв по ПБУ-2-319
Мобильная буровая установка МБУ-320
PBU-2 on chassis Renault

Two-barrel machines for borehole works LSG-10-30, LSG-10-30M are used for hydrodynamic researches (through devices, tools), swabbing, bailing and other works on wells by means of a wire rope and a geophysical cable. The machine can perform logging operations.
The winch of machine is executed with the hydraulic drive and the automatic piler.

Stock number LSG-10-30
Basic vehicle KAMAZ-43114, URALS-4320
Drive power, kW 70
Winch One-barrel, with a back exit of a wire and a cable
Service depth, m 5000
Towing capacity, kN (kgs):
- on a barrel with a wire 10 (1 020)
- on a barrel with a cable 30 (3 061)
Сhoisting speed, m/s 0-12
Hoisting speed on a barrel with a wire, m/s 0-10
Hoisting speed on a barrel with a cable, m/s 0-3
Winch gearbox Five-speed
Winch driving gear From the car engine, power takeoff attachment,
hydraulic pump, hydromotor
Barrel capacity for a rope wire 2,5-160-B, m, not less than 5500
Barrel capacity for a geophysical cable 4,8, m, not less than 6000
Cable piler Mechanical and hydraulic
Drive Mechanical and hydraulic
Winch driving gear From the car engine, power takeoff attachment,
hydraulic pump, hydromotor
Mechanism of measurement of well depth:
- type Mechanical tachometer CO.35 TU 25-04-1288-78
- drive From the roller of a measuring pulley
- control of a tension of a cable Adjustment of towing capacity by hydraulic throttle
- box van Isothermal, frame type, divided into two compartments: windlass and operator
- equipment of an operator compartment (basic) Plank bed, vice bench, case for clothes and the operator's chair
- heating Heating plant OB65-0010B of TU 37.001.382-79
- lighting of the hole top From the car engine, power takeoff attachment,
FG-18 headlight of TU 37.003.517-81
Additional heater Webasto
Equipment for sealing of the hole top
Suspended boxes and lodgments on box van perimeter
Possibility of delivery of the internal equipment on the coordinated technical requirement

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