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Dear partners! 

 We offer you a mobile drill rig MBU-320 mounted on the tracked vehicle GTM-1,4. The drill rig MBU-320 and the tracked vehicle GTM-1,4 are an entirely own product of GEOMASH Company. 

 Drill rigs MBU-320 allow drilling wells using the rotatory drilling technique in grounds of the I-V drilling categories with augers, diameter up to 230 mm, and with core barrels using the dry drilling method, diameter up to 127 mm, when drilling engineering and geological wells and prospecting and appraisal wells. 

 Tracked vehicle GTM-1,4 is a vehicle having been developed for work in complicated and remote places (wetlands, snow covered virgin lands etc). The carrying capacity is 1 400 kg. 

 Technical specification and special characteristics of MBU-320 on the tracked vehicle GTM-1,4:

- torque on the swivel head – 225 kgf-m;
- feed upwards – 3 000 kgf, feed downwards – 1 500 kgf;
- feed stroke – 2 200 mm;
- width of caterpillar bands of GTM-1,4 according to the construction vary between 600, 700 и 800 mm;
- contact pressure factor with drill rig MBU-320 mounted on GTM-1,4, caterpillar band 800 mm wide, is max. 0,115 kg/cm2;
- the cab of GTM-1,4 may be ordered in two options: 3-seat cab and 6-seat cab;
- on the board of GTM-1,4, there are special cassettes for drilling tools transportation;
- units and devices of GTM-1,4 have high repair-ability in field conditions. 

GEOMASH Company renders the full scale of maintenance services covering both of the drill rig and tracked vehicle.

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