Dear Partners!

Today we would like to tell you about the drill rig URB-40K produced by our company. The URB-40K drill rig has drilled 1 000 meter (3 280 feet) deep thermal spring borehole. This once again confirms that the drill rig URB-40K produced by the Geomash Group of Companies corresponds with the stated technical parameters during the engineering.

We have once again proved that Russian drill equipment is relatively cheaper than European and American counterparts and overcomes the technical parameters of the foreign drill rigs. Below is the review from our Hungarian client in whose position is the drill rig URB-40K which has drilled the 1 000 meter ( 3 280 feet) deep thermal spring borehole:

«Since the year 2019 the drill rig URB-40K on the KAMAZ chassis is under exploitation in European Union. From May to June 2020 the URB-40K was used to drill thermal spring wells in Hungary. The depth of the drilled well is 1 000 meters with end diameter of 190. The drill rods used during drilling were with diameter 89 mm and length of 8 500 mm. For casing pipes with diameters of 339 mm, 224 mm, 139 mm with length up to 11 000 mm. It is noteworthy, that during the exploitation period there were no significant jams where discovered. The rotary table drill rig URB-40K has been proven as highly productive, universal and reliable drilling machinery.»



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