The rope feed rotary head has been developed and designed for the drill rig UGB-587 by our engineering bureau. From now-on our partners can pick between the rope and chain feed for the rotary head.

The UGB-587 drill rig is the specialized solution for geothecnical, exploration, water and hydro-geological wells.

There is a variety of caterpillar and wheeled transport bases which could be used for the UGB-587 drill rig. This allows to operate the drill rig at hard remote areas and restrained urban conditions.

Drilling technologies applied:

- core drilling dry/with washing/with airflush
- cable-percussion
- auger drilling
- DTH drilling
- SPT and CPT ground testing (if completed with the additional SZGU and UDZ equipment)

The first batch of the UGB-587 drill rigs with rope feed has already been supplied to our partners.
Канатная подача подвижного вращателя УГБ серии 587 с канатной подачей

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