Dear Partners,

Erlier we have told you about our rotary table drill rig URB-40K, which have drilled 1 000 meters well in Hungary (link - Today the drill rig URB-40K has drilled 4 wells of 1 000 meters deep. The drilling is carried out for thermal energy. 

The drill rods diameter 89 mm and 8 500 mm length. The casing pipes diameter 339 mm, 244 mm, 139 mm length 11 000 mm were used. The final diamter of drilling — 190 mm. 

In November of 2020 we have supplied another URB-40K to the Europian Union. The drill rig will be used for deep water supply. Soon we will post news regarding this drill rig. Follow us! 

are the technical parameters of the URB-40K.

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