Warranty service of drilling and off-road machines.

The "Geomash" drilling equipment conforms to operating Standards of the Russian Federation and Specifications of the manufacturer.

On drilling rigs (hinged equipment) the warranty by manufacturers for 12 months from the date of commissioning, but no more than 18 months from the date of shipment from manufacturer warehouse is set.

On the basis of manufacturers of OJSC Geomash and LLC Geomash-Vladimir mobile service crews which realize warranty and post-warranty repair of boring technique "Geomash" are organized.

For performance of services on boring equipment of Lutz Kurth, specialists of customer services of the Geomash company were trained in Germany and received certificates on carrying out of warranty and post-warranty repairs of boring equipment of Lutz Kurth. Service repairs of boring equipment of Lutz Kurth can be made in conditions specified by the Customer or in case of need on OJSC Geomash (Kursk Region, Town of Shchigra) and LLC Geomash-Vladimir (Vladimir).

Service department OJSC "Geomash"
Drilling rigs: PBU-2, LBU-50; LBU-50-30, UBV-318/320, AZA-3, USh-2T4, BKM, URB-210, URB-25, URB-40, Lutz Kurth
Service department LLC "Geomash-Vladimir"
Drilling and offroad machines: UGB, BBU, MBU, GTM-0.8, GTM-0.8R, Lutz Kurth

Head of the FTA department
Alex Deryagin
+7(495)902-55-20 ext.213

* - decision is made by the service department on the basis of information from the consumer.

Joint stock Company “AUTOBAGI” provides warranty and post-warranty service of the Geomash drilling rigs in EU Contact details:

Service engineer
Tel: +370 652 74609

Post-warranty service
Production manager
Tel: +370 698 19892

Vic-production manager
Tel: +370 638 75134
e-mail: ;

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