18 February 2019 Stern tests by the river of Bureya!

Using a drill rig PBU-2, a net of drilling and blasting wells were prepared for laying explosives.

Excavating equipment for off-road vehicle GTM-0,8

Dear Colleges! We are glad to announce that in June, 2018 on the industrial site of the JSC «Geomash» testing of excavating equipment on the off-road caterpillar vehicle GTM-0,8 took place.

URB-40: a new sample of drilling rig

The successful testing of the rotary drilling rig URB-40 onto the URAL-4320 chassis was carried out at the GEOMASH production site on March 2018.

Drilling rig and off-road vehicle of own development

In January, 2016 the mobile drilling rig MBU-320-01 on the caterpillar off-road vehicle GTM-0.8B of "Geomash" production with the hydraulic system drive from the mid-flight diesel engine of the chassis has successfully passed field tests on JSC Geomash.

UGB-786-200 with torque – 700 kgfs

Successful tests of the new modification of the hydrodriving UGB drilling rig – UGB-786-200 with torque of 600 kgfs– on the production field LLC Geomash-Vladimir at the end of December, 2015. This modification is mounted on the caterpillar GTM-6.0 tractor of Geomash production.

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