Drilling rig MBU-320-01
UGB on chasiss KAMAZ
Compact self-propelled drilling rig BBU 001
UGB on chasiss URAL
BMG "Scarabey" – portable decision for drilling of seismoprospecting wells.
UGB on chasiss GAZ-33081 "Sadko"
Drilling rig LBU-50-30
UGB on GTM-6.0
UGB on chasiss GAZ-34039
Compact drill rig BBU 000
PBU-2 on chassis KAMAZ
Буровая установка УГБ-543-203
PBU-2 on chassis URAL
PBU-2 on chassis ZIL
PBU-2 on chassis MAZ
PBU-2 on chassis MTLBu
MBU-601-000 on the vehicle trailer MZSA
Отзыв по ПБУ-2-319
Мобильная буровая установка МБУ-320
PBU-2 on chassis Renault
  • Mechanical drive of the mobile rotator
  • Drive from deck or cruise engine
  • Static and dynamic soil sounding
  • Wide choice of transport bases
  • Winch for cable percussion drilling with 2600 kgf load capacity
  • Units and mechanisms of PBU-2 have high maintainability in field conditions

PBU-2 drilling rigs with the mechanical drive of a mobile rotator are intended for engineering-geological research and realizes all technologies of drilling with soil sampling including CPT and SPT.

Drilling rigs of the PBU series are the main and most used installations applied to produce drilling-and-blasting wells during seismic exploration at the moment.

Drilling rigs of the PBU series possess extensive additional complete set for realization of all main drilling technologies. Drilling rigs of the PBU series have being produced since 1991 and have proved itself as reliable, trouble-free, easy to control machines.

PBU-2 drilling rigs provide cable percussion drilling with punchdown cases and core barrels, core and noncore "dry" / with washing / with airflush, shock and rotary (DTH), auger, drilling with application of bits for prospect holes and also make static and dynamic soil sounding.

PBU-2 has various options of installation on transport bases: wheel – KAMAZ (including a two-row cabin), URAL, ZIL-131 (AMUR), MAZ, caterpillar conveyors GTM-126, MTLBu, tractors TT-4 and TLT-100A, sledge basis, pontoons, etc. Versions of the drive – from the deck engine or from transport base and it can be mounted on the clients chassis with relevant cargo dimensions and load capacity thanks to its own deck engine.

PBU-2 is mounted on its own frame with the drive from the independent diesel engine that gives the chance of its installation on mobile transport means which don't have own engine or on which power take off is impossible. Use of the deck power unit allows to lower the depreciation expenses involved with operation and service of the vehicle engine and also reduces fuel consumption. Modification of the drilling rig with drive from the engine of the transport base is produced at request of the customer.

Mobile rotator with the mechanical drive in combination with a powerful hydraulic feeder allows to create considerable axial load of the rock cutting tool from the first meters of drilling. Design of the rotator of PBU-2 provides possibility of its diversion from well axis for performance of hoisting operations, installation of upsetting casing pipes and realization of technology of cable percussion drilling with use of the boring winch.

Control devices of PBU-2 are located at the mast basis on an machine frame. The drilling rig is completed with a removable platform of the drilling operator for convenience of control. Hydraulic jacks are provided.

PBU-2 drilling rigs have broad geographical application over the whole territory of Russia, in the CIS countries, Asia, Africa, etc. and is it previous modifications UGB-1VS and PBU-1 machines that were exported in USSR, still operate proving high standards of Geomash products.

Operation of the rig is allowed in areas with a temperate climate in the range of temperatures from - 40 °C to + 40 °C (available Arctic version to - 50 °C).

PBU-2 drilling rigs of "Geomash" production have high maintainability and service centers in various regions of the Russian Federation. PBU-2 drilling rigs of "Geomash" production are certified.

Nomenclature PBU-2
Feed stroke, mm 1800 / 3500*
Feed force, max., kgf:
- up  3500-10000*
- down 3500-10000*
Spindle rotation frequency, rpm
25 - 430
Torque, max., kgf*m
Winch load capacity, max., kgf
2 600
Conditional drilling depth, m:
- augers 60
- auger bit 25
- auger bit sliding along the stems
- with airflush
- hollow augers for immersionof explosive charges 50
- with washing 100-120
- cable percussion drilling 60
Diameter of the well, max., mm:
- augers 400
- auger bit 850
- with airflush 215,9
- with washing 250
- free fall method 168
* depending on modification
Plunger-pump NB-160/6.3 (pressure- 6.3 MPas, feed- 160 l/min)
Plunger-pump NB- 50 (pressure- 6.3 MPas, feed- 715 l/min)
CompressorKB-10/10 GTT (pressure- 1.0 MPas, feed- 10 m3/min)
Compressor 2VU (pressure- 1.6 MPas, feed- 0.6 m3/min)
Compressor PK-5.25 (pressure- 0.7 MPas, feed- 5.25 m3/min)
Dynamic sounding instrument set KDZ-001
Boring table

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