Drilling rig MBU-320-01
UGB on chasiss KAMAZ
Compact self-propelled drilling rig BBU 001
UGB on chasiss URAL
BMG "Scarabey" – portable decision for drilling of seismoprospecting wells.
UGB on chasiss GAZ-33081 "Sadko"
Drilling rig LBU-50-30
UGB on GTM-6.0
UGB on chasiss GAZ-34039
Compact drill rig BBU 000
PBU-2 on chassis KAMAZ
Буровая установка УГБ-543-203
PBU-2 on chassis URAL
PBU-2 on chassis ZIL
PBU-2 on chassis MAZ
PBU-2 on chassis MTLBu
MBU-601-000 on the vehicle trailer MZSA
Отзыв по ПБУ-2-319
Мобильная буровая установка МБУ-320
PBU-2 on chassis Renault
  • Possibility of drilling in grounds to the XII category on drilling capacity
  • Static and dynamic sounding
  • Vibrational drilling. High operation speed
  • Winch load capacity- 3000 kgf with free fall
  • Wide choice of transport bases
  • High speed during rd tp
  • Hydrodrive pipe holders for casing and drilling pipes
  • Feed stroke of the rotator- 5200 mm

Self-propelled UGB drilling rig is the specialized decision for engineering-geological research and field research of grounds, drilling of prospecting and operating wells on water in grounds to the XII category on drilling capacities and for hydrogeological works.

Features of the design: Drive of a UGB hydraulic system is carried out from the engine of the transport base or the deck diesel Deutz engine (Germany) with power of 55.1 kW. Rig is equipped with the special winch for effective cable percussion drilling. Winch has the controlled frictional drive and a controlled frictional brake.

Shift of a rotator on 800 mm from a well axis is carried out by a hydraulic cylinder.

Hydraulic chucks with additional function of breaking-out of boring string threads provide safe and fast assembly / dismantling of a boring string.

Static sounding is realized by means of the device SZGU placed behind the car cabin, on the center of mass of the drilling rig that excludes need of ankering of the drilling rig. At performing static sounding on the UGB drilling rigs raising of a mast isn't required that allows to perform works under power lines, bridge constructions.

Dynamic sounding is realized by the complex of dynamic sounding KDZ-000. The complex of dynamic sounding KDZ-000 has the execution realizing the SPT standard.

UGB are produced with feed stroke of 5.2 m. UGB for drilling in constrained conditions has rotator feed stroke options of 2.2 m.

Mast, winch system with wire-line string-up, provides application of pipe sections to 6000 mm long. UGB drilling rigs are mounted on various transport bases: GAZ-33081"Sadko", URAL-4320, KAMAZ, ZIL-131 ("Amur"), caterpillar chassis GAZ-34039, MTLBu, T-147, TGM (MTLBu), MTLB and also sledge and pontoon bases. The rig can be mounted on the clients chassis with powertake form the PTO with corresponding power intake value (kW), shaft rotation frequency (RPM), rotation direction.

Manifold system allows to connect additional compressor and pump equipment, including dosing pumps for SAA.

Full-rotary casing oscillator SOV-000.
SOV-000 is intended for casing pipes lowering and extraction, with and without rotation with simultaneous drilling job inside the casing column, with front-running casing column or front-running drill column.
SOV-000 mounts onto the drill rig UGB of the medium and heavy type, in addition to other drill rigs with similar rotary table hydraulic parameters.

Nomenclature UGB
Engine drive
autonomous or from the chassis engine through PTO
Feed stroke, mm
2200; 3400; 5200
Feed force, max., kgf:

- up
- down
Spindle rotation frequency, rpm:
- I range
- II range
Torque, max., kgf*m
350; 410; 700
Winch load capacity, kgf
Winch type
Hydrodriving planetary type with free fall
Well angle to the horizon, deg
From 50 to 90
Conditional drilling depth, m:

- augers, diameter 135 mm 40
- augers, diameter 350 mm
-with washing, diameter 93 mm
- with airflush, diameter 151 mm 80**
- with pneumatic impact tools (DTH), diameter up to 250 mm
- cable percussion drilling, diameter 146 mm
* depending on modification
** depending on applied pumping and compressor equipment

Complete sets (research)

Plunger-pump NB-160/6.3 (pressure- 6.3 MPas, feed- 160 l/min)
Compressor NK 160 (Germany) (pressure- 1.5 MPas, feed- 7.3 m3/min)
Compressor 4VU
Screw compressor AK-9/10 (pressure- 1.0 MPas, feed- 9 m3/min)
Screw compressorKB-12/12 (pressure- 1.2 MPas, feed- 12 m3/min)
Pipeholder block (low pipeholder, top pipeholder with a possibility of breaking-out of threads)
Upsetting hydrodrive desk SOG-000 ( diameter of casing pipes: 127, 146,168, 219, 245, 273, 299 mm)
Device of static sounding SZGU- 000 (effort of sound squeezing up to 10000 kgf)
Counter of engine hours, signaling device of hazardous voltage and rerise

Complete sets (hydrogeology)

Plunger-pump NB-160/6.3 (pressure- 6.3 MPas, feed- 160 l/min)
Plunger-pump SPECK P62/160-100B (Germany) (pressure- 10 MPas, feed- 160 l/min)
Rotary type pump SPECK 50/250 (Germany) (pressure- 1.4 MPas, feed- 1200 l/min)
Piston pump NB-50 (pressure- 6.3 MPas, feed- 700 l/min)
Pipeholder block (low pipeholder, top pipeholder with a possibility of breaking-out of threads)
Upsetting hydrodrive desk SOG-000 ( diameter of casing pipes: 127, 146,168, 219, 245, 273, 299 mm)

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