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Drill Rig UGB-996 PIONEER on a self-moving cross-country carriage.

Intended purpose:
- engineering surveys including field soil testing
- geological exploration
- technical wells used in construction

Applied drilling technologies and field methods of soil testing:
- rotatory auger drilling
- dry/flushing/blowing-down rotatory core drilling
- rotatory diamond drilling
- cable tool drilling using a standard hydraulic hammer
- percussion rotary drilling using a standard hydraulic hammer
- percussion rotary drilling using a down-hole hammer

Drill rig configuration:
- Electric hauling winch. Pulling force is 8 100 kg. Working voltage is 24 V. Cable length is 25 m. Speed of cable spooling is 3.3 m/min
- Bulldozer blade. Working width is 2 000 mm.
- Pump Dynaset HDF 90/150-85: hydraulic, piston-type, scale-free regulated. Pump productivity is 0-150 l/min. Pump working pressure is 90 bar.
- Compressor Dynaset HKR 5000/10-137: hydraulic, screwed. Compressor productivity is 5 m3/min. Pump working pressure is 10 bar.
- Drill tools holder. Holder capacity is 20 pcs. of drill pipes TBSU d=63.5 mm, 2 000 mm long; a core pipe d=146 mm, 2 000 mm long, 1 piece
- CPT and SPT rods holder. Holder capacity is 16 pcs of SPT rods d=42 mm, 1 000 mm long or 20 pcs of CPT rods d=36 mm, 1 000 mm long.
- Appliances for the device anchoring.
- SPT device UDZ. The hammer class is middle, the hammer weight is 60 kg, the falling height is 800 mm.
- Drill chuck.
- Hydraulic drill pipe breaker.
- Hydraulic pipe holder.
- Hydraulic hammer.

Technical features:
- This self-moving cross-country carriage provides steady cross-country movement.
- The bulldozer blade is used for preparation of a platform for drilling and positioning of the drill rig on the well.
- The electric hauling winch is used for elimination of accident situations in off-road severe conditions.
- The drill rig is moved with the help of a radio control box or handles placed on the operation board.
- The hydraulic system of the drill rig is made of imported components manufactured by leading world producers.
- Drill rigs UGB-996 are equipped by a duplicated system of management of all functions including management of drill processes. It is managed with the help of the operation board of the drill rig or the radio control box depending on the situation and basing on the drill operator’s choice.
- Due to the applied technical solutions (the hydraulic drill chuck, hydraulic pipe holder, hydraulic drill pipe breaker, dumping etc) and high level mechanization of drill processes, all technological operations, when drilling, are easy and comfortable. There is no need for both of the drill operator and the drill assistant to apply higher efforts and tenses.
- The drill head is passable having a drill chuck designed for work with drill pipes TBSU and CPT and SPT rods. It allows to hold, drill, bolt and loose pipes during pipes manipulation and CPT and SPT rods when carrying out field methods of soil probing and pipes manipulation.
- Drill rigs UGB 996 PIONEER are an effective solution to carry out drilling activity. They conform with or even outperform their modern foreign analogues.

Type of feed mechanism

Hydraulic cylinder

Feed stroke of drill head, min, mm

2 800

Feeding force, kgf:


- upward

13 000

- downward

8 600

Speed of feeding upward, max, m/s


Speed of feeding downward, max, m/s


Angle of mast inclination:


- longitudinally from the vertical/diametrically from the vertical, degrees


Mechanism of mast longitude moving


Assembly unit of passable drill head with a drill chuck

Movable, two-speed, with scale-free regulation of rotation rate on each speed

Torque, max, kgf*m


- I speed/ II speed


Rotation rate, rotations/min,


- I speed/ II speed


Drill chuck


Feeding force upward/downward, kgf

13 000/8 600

Diameter of squeezed pipes, mm


Assembly unit of diamond drill head

Movable, one-speed, with scale-free regulation of rotation rate

Rotation rate max, rotations/min

1 200

Assembly unit of hydraulic hammer

Hydraulic, with a unit of transmitting rotation

Impact power of the hammer, J


Impacts frequency per minute

550-1 200

Torque, max, kgf*m


Rotation rate, from … to / rotations, min


Secondary winch


Pulling force on the winch cable , max, kgf


Speed of load hoisting on the 4th cable layer, max, m/s


Pipe holder

Hydraulic, with variable rams, with regulated squeezing force

Max. drift diameter of the pipe holder with unclasped rams, mm


Diameter of held drill pipes and casing, mm




Damping feed stroke, mm

1 200

Type of drill-pipe breaker


Breakaway torque, max, kgf*m

2 600

Turning angle without capture, degrees


Bulldozer blade


Grasp width, mm

2 000

Driving engine IVECO FPT

Diesel powered, liquid-cooled, with a starting pre- heater

Engine power, kW


Diameters of drilling and casing


- using pipe holder and drill-pipe breaker

Up to 200

- without pipe holder and drill-pipe breaker

Up to 300

Conditional depth of drilling, m


Transport basis

A cross-country caterpillar hydraulic carriage with control of hydraulic track tension carried out from the drill operator’s control board

Track width, mm


Road clearance, mm


Driving speed, max, km/h


Climbable longitude inclination, degrees


Climbable diametrical inclination, degrees


Transport sizes, LxWxH, mm

5 000x2 000x2 300

Working sizes, LxWxH, mm

4 900x2 000x6 530

Mass of the drill rig as equipped full optional

8 000

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