Drill pipes (TBSU) d = 43 - 89 mm

Geomash produces drill pipes TBSU of various standard sizes: TBSU-43, TBSU-55, TBSU-63,5, TBSU-70, TBSU-85 with welded locks with cuts, up to 6200 mm long and also joints for upset pipes d=50 mm. Drill pipes "Geomash" with welded locks are produced on TU 3668-017-05743852-2011. Mechanical properties of a pipe body are in accordance with GOST R 51245-99.
Also we here at the  GEOMASH plant can  produce pipe connections  for drilling pipes with threads according  to the API standard.
Drill pipes are intended for trips of rock cutting tools, transmission of torque and axial stress on the rock cutting tool, providing clearing agent on a downhole.
Drill pipes are applied at core and noncore well drilling with hard-alloy and diamond crowns, bits of all types, including application of downhole DTH tools.
For production of drill pipes TBSU the following components are used:

  • steel 45 for the pipe body;
  • round steel 40HN bar for nipples and couplings.
Blanks for boring pipes are cut on modern band semiautomatic machines which provide perpendicularity and dimensional stability of cut blanks. Assembly and welding of finished products, final control of coaxiality of the components, which are parts of the drill pipe TBSU, is made on the processing line of butt friction welding.
How to read correctly the name of the drill pipe TBSU of Geomash production, for example, a drill pipe P 43x4,5 N, where:

  • “P” means that the drill pipe is executed with cuts;
  • 43 – outside diameter of the drill pipe;
  • 4,5 – pipe wall thickness;
  • "N" – material of the pipe body was normalized.
Name Pipe wall thickness, mm Length, mm Weight, kg
Drill pipe P 43x4,5 N l=1000 mm 4.5 1000 5.7 Order
Drill pipe P 43x4,5 N l=1700 mm 4.5 1700 8.7 Order
Drill pipe P 43x4,5 N l=3200 mm 4.5 3200 15.1 Order
Drill pipe P 43x4,5 N l=4700 mm 4.5 4700 21.5 Order
Drill pipe P 43x6 N l=1700 mm 6 1700 10.3 Order
Drill pipe P 43x6 N l=3200 mm 6 3200 18.5 Order
Drill pipe P 43x6 N l=4700 mm 6 4700 26.7 Order
Drill pipe P 55x4,5 N l=1700 mm 4.5 1700 12.5 Order
Drill pipe P 55x4,5 N l=3200 mm 4.5 3200 20.9 Order
Drill pipe P 55x4,5 N l=4700 mm 4.5 4700 29.3 Order

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