Drilling augers

Geomash produces drilling tools: drilling augers, stem augers, hollow augers for explosive charges submersion, auger bits, etc. Drilling augers are used for drilling of geotechnical, seismic and technical wells in grounds of the I-IV category on drilling capacity at construction of stilts and sheetpiles. Depth of wells drilled with augers is up to 60 meters.
Name Diameter of the auger/bit, mm General/working length of the auger
BI11.01.00.000-01 108/112 1670/1600 Order
BI11.01.00.000 108/112 870/800 Order
BI16.05.00.000 135/148 2590/2500 Order
BI16.08.00.000 135/148 1890/1800 Order
BI16.08.00.000-01 135/148 1090/1000 Order
BI16.08.00.000-02 135/148 1490/1400 Order
BI16.14.00.000 135/148 1890/1800 Order
BI16.14.00.000-01 135/148 1090/1000 Order
BI16.14.00.000-01 135/148 1490/1400 Order
BI16.22.00.000 135/152 2590/2500 Order

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