Stern tests by the river of Bureya!

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Using a drill rig PBU-2, a net of drilling and blasting wells were prepared for laying explosives. Drilling operations were conducted by the river of Bureya (Verkhnebureinsky District, Khabarovsk), where landslide occurred at the end of December 2018. The PBU-2 was delivered there with a cargo helicopter MI-26

Wells were drilled using the DTH technology using down-hole hammers d=130 мм. As a drill string, drilling pipes TBSU-63,5 l=1 500 mm produced by AO GEOMASH were used. Generally, the drill rig PBU-2 has proved to be a reliable unit working in extreme conditions at – 40 °C.

The official source is VGTRK Dalnevostochnaya TV Channel -

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