Drilling rig MBU-320-01
UGB on chasiss KAMAZ
Compact self-propelled drilling rig BBU 001
UGB on chasiss URAL
BMG "Scarabey" – portable decision for drilling of seismoprospecting wells.
UGB on chasiss GAZ-33081 "Sadko"
Drilling rig LBU-50-30
UGB on GTM-6.0
UGB on chasiss GAZ-34039
Compact drill rig BBU 000
PBU-2 on chassis KAMAZ
Буровая установка УГБ-543-203
PBU-2 on chassis URAL
PBU-2 on chassis ZIL
PBU-2 on chassis MAZ
PBU-2 on chassis MTLBu
MBU-601-000 on the vehicle trailer MZSA
Отзыв по ПБУ-2-319
Мобильная буровая установка МБУ-320
PBU-2 on chassis Renault
  • Rig block design
  • Compact dimensions and low weight of the rig
  • Hydraulic drive of the rotator
  • Static and dynamic sounding
  • Wide range of drive engines
  • Shock punchdown drilling with the hydrohammer
  • Drilling on slopes and slants
  • Ergonomic control panel

Compact drilling rigs BBU 000 Openok with hydraulic drive of a mobile rotator are used for drilling of wells at engineering-geological research with sampling including SPT.
Compact drilling rigs BBU 000 Openok provide core and noncore drilling “dry” /with washing/ with airflush, shock and rotary (DTH), auger, dynamic sounding. It is possible to provide static sounding using the KIZ-000 set.

Options of BBU 000 design:
- block option;
- non-demountable option;
- by means of assembly sets of BBU 000 is mounted on vehicles with corresponding loading capacity: autochassis UAZ-39094 "Fermer", GAZ-33081 "Eger", caterpillar off-road vehicles GAZ-34091 "Bobr".

Drive options of the drilling rig:
Dismountable option of BBU 000:
- BBU000- - with the petrol Honda engine
- BBU000- - with the petrol Vanguard engine
- BBU000- - with an electric engine
- BBU000- - with the diesel Lombardini engine

Non-demountable option: without quick-release joints (quick-release joints are installed in hydraulic system sleeves), without possibility of dismantling on separate blocks), without inclined drilling:
- BBU000- - with the petrol Honda engine
- BBU000- - with the petrol Vanguard engine
- BBU000- - with an electric engine
- BBU000- - with the diesel Lombardini engine

Block option of BBU 000 consists of the following components:
- bases;
- racks with the feed system;
- rotator;
- power block: engine (petrol, diesel, electric) with oil pumps;
- accumulator and gasoline tank (used in modifications with drive from petrol and diesel engines);
- oil container with sleeves;
- control panel with the heat exchanger.

Non-demountable option of BBU 000 can be made at request of the customer.

Features of the rig:
- allows to perform works in constrained conditions, including in buildings and basements with restriction of dimensions on height.
- blocks and units fixed on the basis can be removed and placed in a place convenient for service within length of the hydraulic system sleeves;
- for simplicity of installation and dismantle of blocks and units, connections of hydraulic sleeves are carried out by means of quick release joints;
- rack of the feed system is supplied with telescopic angle braces for increase of its stability in inclined position under influence of axial load and rotation torque;
- for increase of stability of the rig at drilling the rack of the feed system has system of "dumping" (longitudinal moving of the rack up to the stop to soil with fixing);
- drilling on slopes and slants

Nomenclature BBU 000 «Openok»
Feed stroke, mm
Longitudinal stroke of the stand, mm<br> 900
Feed force, max., kgf

- up 1500
- down 1500
Spindle rotational frequency, rpm
Feed speed, m/s
Boring pipe length (auger), mm:

- at rotary drilling
- at DTH drilling
Torque, max., kgf*m
Well vertical tilt angle, deg
Winch load capacity, kgf
Engine capacity, kW:
- Honda GX-690
- Vanguard
- diesel Lombardini 9LD 625/2
- electric
Overall dimensions (mobile dismountable rig), mm:

- operation position (height/ width/ length) 
Overall dimensions (mobile non-demountable rig), mm:

- operation position (height/ width/ length)
Height with the winch/mast, mm
Mass the mast and the assembled winch, kg
Mass of the mobile dismountable rig (without mast with the winch), kg
от 590 до 660*
Mass of the mobile non-demountable rig (without mast with the winch), kg
от 625 до 695*
Conditional drilling depth, m:
- augers, diameter 135 mm 25
- with DTH, diameter up to 150 mm 50
- with airflush, diameter 112 mm 50
* depending on modification
** depending on the applied pump and compressor equipment
pump station with the pump NB1 — 25/16 (pump capacity — 25 l/min, pressure — 1.6 MPas, weight — 50 kg). The drive from IC-engine or the electric engine
mobile compressor station KB-5/10P (capacity— 5.25 m3/min., pressure — 0.7 MPas, weight — 900 kg)

Complete set on demand for BBU 000 "Openok"

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